Well, what you all think about the on going fiasco for the Hillary Clinton ballot recount in those three states? I have to sheepishly admit that it didn't surprise me one bit. Most if not all that money being collected will wind up in the Clinton cartel coffers anyway. Clinton is like a bad penny, it just keeps popping up, why can't she just fade away to jail where she belongs?

I had the notable displeasure of watching Hillary Clinton's concession speech (wish it was a confession speech) with the wife on Fox News this morning. For once I didn't upchuck with a mouth vomit, and at least agreed with her on one point. Our nation is divided. Darn tooten we are comrade Tzar Clinton. We have many divisions that will never be unified or co-exist. To boil it down to simplify terms and to cover 'all' our divisions, I would lump them together and classify them as "good versus evil", "right versus wrong", "moral versus immoral", and "subversive versus heritage".

Yeah, this woman is an experienced and qualified leader alright. She has a laundry list of accomplishments, all negative and detrimental to a free and moral society. Her constant screeching of how proud she is of her 30+ years of experience. What exactly has she ever accomplished that was positive for America? Exactly how do you become a multimillionaire as a public servant? How many times do you suppose; she has been shot at, ate nasty 'C' rations and meals ready to eat (MRE'S), slept on the wet ground or a water filled fox hole, not showering for days, gone long periods without food or water, suffered continuous sleep deprivation, or even served in the Peace Corps or Girl Scouts? She's nothing more than a gluttonous, self serving, egotistical, self centered liar. She's so pathetic it makes my skin crawl just listening to her. This parasites answers to Congress about her role and actions in the Benghazi massacre, made me physically sick. 

Words have meaning, liberals and progressives are misnomers, they are collectively subversives and socialists. There obvious goal is to strip you, me, our families and our posterity of our freedoms and heritage for a collective one world society, under their control. The attacks on our freedom and liberty will tirelessly continue by the subversives and demonic forces long after Clinton's departure. Can you see the all out push and assault for the coming One World Government? We need to stay vigilant and hold our ground, and make government individually and collectively responsible for their actions and inactions. The Clinton cartel of corruption is hopefully waning, but there are many tyrant subversives waiting in line to enslave and control US.  

I'm elated and proud many in our country and the silent majority saw through the facade of the Hildabeast, and made the wise election choice for Trump. I look forward to the justice and legacy the Clinton's so richly earned and deserve. in the form of a long, long time wearing the same prison uniform everyday and eating prison food at taxpayer expense. Provided the FBI and DOJ are not politically swayed in their investigation into the "Clinton Foundation" numerous frauds and corruption. 

I especially look forward to January 20, 2017, when we get that tyrant Muslim apologist President booted out of "the People's house." Barry and his ilk including the Clinton's, have done irreparable damage to our people and nation. I'm hoping Donald Trump can reverse and annul many or all of Obummers intentional acts of treason. 

I wish Hillary Rodham Clinton a speedy farewell, good riddance and a minor insignificant asterisk in the footnote of global socialism.

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