If you're following this page, it has become a work in progress. I originally didn't care all that much for candidate Donald Trump, but from the field of selections he was a breath of fresh air and possible hope to change the status quo.

I watched all three presidential debates with my usual ho-hum expectations of hearing lies, baldfaced lies and deceptive lies. From the first presidential debate through the final debate, I formed an unexpected opinion of Trump, and a newfound respect for the man. I started thinking to myself, maybe there is some hope left for our nation after all. 

Who I was going to vote for in the presidential election was a no brainer. As the despicable alternative Hillary Clinton gives me distasteful mouth vomits and chills down my spine. By clicking the 'Hillary Clinton' link above, I express in no uncertain terms my frank opinion of her, her character and her morals.

Yesterday evening, December 8, 2016 on the Fox News Channel, I watched the Donald Trump 'thank you' tour from the Great State of Iowa. To say I was impressed would be the understatement of my entire lifetime listening to political mumbo jumbo. President elect Donald Trump is far removed from what I consider a charismatic orator as political speeches and polished politicians go. However, the content and detail of his speech was simply amazing and inspiring. I'm an old man, I've heard many, many political speeches and political promises by career politicians in my lifetime. I would have to say last night in Iowa, that was the most charged, honest, from the heart and inspiring speech I've ever had the privilege to listen to. 

However, and by no means am I implying anything here, but history is replete with great promises of nation building from the slums we find ourselves in. One comparative example would be 1930's post World War One Germany. The only thing I'm suggesting is, we must stay vigilant and not let emotion over ride common sense and the Constitution of the United States. I believe Donald Trump has the best intentions for America and the people, but so did many others who lead us to a socialistic society and tyrannical uncaring government. I'm approaching Trump with guarded and cautious optimism, until I see the fruits of his labor.

I'm thinking he could be the right man for the job at this critical moment in history, to turn things in the right direction for our country. If, and that's a big if, it is still possible by the Grace and long suffering of God. Hopefully our nation will get a reprieve from our just rewards we deserve as a nation for turning our backs on God, who so greatly blessed our country.

Trump is not even President yet, and he has already done more for American jobs than almost eight years of the apologist Muslim's dictatorship. Donald Trump is selecting, appointing and surrounding himself with what appears to be the very best minds and producers America has to offer. I would not be surprised, in fact I suspect, this might be the best and most positive productive administration ever put together since the founding of our nation and our founding fathers. If Trump and his administration can accomplish 1/20 of his promises and goals, we are going to be so much better off.

Whether you believe it or not, God appoints Kings and Rulers over nations, as the Bible clearly tells us. I pray this is our chance and opportunity to return to our roots of decency, morality and a God fearing nation that has been so greatly blessed. 

Well, what do you all think so far? Personally, it appears President elect Trump is softening his stance on several issues, what a let down and disappointment! Just entertaining the thought of Mitt Romney becoming Secretary of State turns me off.

Another thing that should be of utmost concern to all of us. His statement today that it should be a criminal offense for anyone burning the American flag in protest, with the loss of citizenship and jail time for burning the American flag. I have a mixed bag of emotions on that issue, that are not so mixed. You would be hard pressed to find anyone more patriotic than I am and what our flag means to me. But like it or not, it's our First Amendment right to do so. I have defended that right and I will continue.

When government starts removing our Constitutional rights, good intentions or not, where do they stop? Answer, they don't. As patriotic Americans we can not let our emotions over ride our reasoning and common sense. With that said, if you're burning 'my' flag in protest and disrespect in front of me, well, you can read my thoughts by clicking HERE if you so desire.  

Patriotic American's have spoken out loud and clear with the election of President Donald Trump, as did the sea of socialist blue on our East and West coastland and pockets inland. That are anti-God, anti-American, anti-individualism and believe the Constitution of the United States of America is an antiquated relic. That makes me see 'red', fortunately the U.S. continental political voting map is also now mostly 'red'. 

Wow! With the exception of Mitt Romney, Trump is picking a world class government dream team in my opinion. I won't go into the details about what I don't trust about Romney, but there could be worse choices. This could be the best government we have had in decades. I'm excited to see meaningful positive conservative change for America. Look at just one effect so far, and he's only president elect, the Ford automobile plant in Kentucky is now not going to relocate to Mexico. Not even officially president yet and he has already made a big difference!

Can Conservatives, the silent majority and moral America won this election, to take America back to its moral roots and prosperity, by electing an accomplished builder, and taking back both houses of Congress. But this battle for our freedoms, morality, and illegal invasion are very far from over, in fact it’s just the beginning. Words have meaning and are often misapplied. For instance, the nomenclatures liberals and progressives are way off the mark. The better word would be 'subversives', as their goal is to strip you and I, our families and our posterity of our heritage. There’s a long, long road ahead battling the forces of evil, but we may have a reprieve to take full advantage of. Thank the good Lord we didn't get the seditious subversive Hillary Clinton.

While writing this Frank Opinion piece, I’ll try to remain grounded, logical and reasonable, and not let my joy, emotion and excitement lead to soiling myself. As we had the same opportunity in 1994 with a Republican government and the Newt Gingrich “Contract with America.” We American’s sent a message back then we were angry with the quid pro quo and business as usual, enriching themselves as they yielded to lobbyist, campaign contributors and not the will and business of ‘we the people’. Little if anything changed twenty-two years ago, but this time things could be very different I pray.

Right now at this very moment, we have been given by the Grace of God, one final opportunity to change our national direction and take advantage of this, if we will only repent as a nation. This man is by no means perfect, but compared to the vile murderous alternative that could have won the election, of whom even the mention of her name makes me mouth vomit, we have a chance to salvage our nation with President Elect Donald Trump.

We shall shortly see what effort and commitment Trump puts forth in honoring his campaign pledges and promises, and if he can be successful keeping them. Revising this blog today, it appears Trump is going to surround himself with excellent people. This could become the best government I've seen in my lifetime, but. Even with the best of intentions, Trump will have a monumental task fighting his own Republican party, and the anti-American atheist subversives, to enact any beneficial and meaning change.

In addition to “a house divided” which can not stand, Trump will have to contend with the likes of powerful globalist socialist entities such as; ‘The Holy See’, the ‘United Nations’ and the ‘global cartel’ to bring back our ‘In God We Trust’, public prayer, our national sovereignty, self sufficiency, jobs, individualism and national pride.

I have to admit Donald Trump was not my first choice, or second choice, or third as a candidate for POTUS. But when it boiled down to the primaries, it was clear to me which Republican candidate I was going to support. I originally wrote an article “The Lessor of the Weevils”, which I implied I was tired of holding my nose at the polls when I voted. In the course of the process, I had a drastic favorable change of opinion concerning candidate Trump. Donald Trump is a patriot and has done more for our military troops than all the rest of the Washington scum combined. 

When it all boiled down to the Republican presidential nominee, it was a no brainier. Either voting for someone who shares many of my moral and national values; or one of the most vile, evil, despicable excuses for a human being I’ve personally ever witnessed in my lifetime. Those that cast a protest vote and voted their conscience, because they couldn't bring themselves to vote for one of the two major political parties that are going to win, wasted their time and their say at the voting booth. Of course that's their Constitutional right, but in my opinion, it was a disservice for a fresh start.

I am sincerely from the bottom of my heart America, grateful and thankful you came out in groves to cast your vote. We have a reprieve on the last nail for our collective and individual coffins.

Thank you America! And may God continue to Bless us as a nation and to lead us.