CORRECTIONS DO NOT WORK

                      CORRECTIONS DO NOT WORK

Ever watch any of those fascinating television programs like Lockup Raw, Lockup Behind Bars, Women in Prison, to get the feel of what prison is like and how inmates are treated? The correctional officers don't run our penitentiaries, the gangs and inmates do! I get the clear impression all state prisons are unequal just from their titles and philosophical doctrine. For instance, penitentiary versus correctional facility.

I get the distinct impression the institutional nomenclature of a penitentiary follows a doctrine of correction versus punishment, and is most associated with red states and blue states. Do you suppose the victim(s) and family of a horrible crime cares about the rehabilitation of the scum bag hardened felon that committed the act(s)? We are much too soft and lenient on the sentencing and punishment for violent crime(s). Please read on, as I'm just warming up and cranking the thermostat to the max. I apologize in advance, as this is not going to be the way Christian's are suppose to view other humans. I make a point at the end of this blog, if they are in fact, human. 

It appears that as unified states we are split on the philosophy of rehabilitation versus punishment for serious and horrendous crime. Another division between the liberal and conservative philosophy and practice. We also have the highest per capita incarceration rate in the world. Why do you suppose that is?

Since the founding of our nation, and by extension the founding of civilization, man has attempted to deal with punishment by experiment and imitate and adopt foreign penal institutions, and switching back and forth. Evidently man has not figured out how to best deal with crime and punishment. Hint: this man has.

Nonetheless, all prisons and punishments are not uniform. Some prisons offer little educational opportunity, while others offer inmates free college and university degrees paid for by you and me. Some prisons offer weight rooms where prisoners can build up to Arnold Schwarzenegger terminator proportions, to better overpower their jailers and other inmates. Some offer in cell air-conditioning, cable television and unlimited inmate personal possessions, and get this, some incarcerated inmates have received sex changes paid for by the state, I kid you not. While others supply the bare minimums under law. It's amazing to see a comparison of red vs. blue states on punishment and rehabilitation.

This blogger has the highest praise for how Sheriff Joe Arpaio runs the Maricopa County, Arizona jail system and his philosophy. To paraphrase: “A confinement institution should not be a place you desire to return to”. I agree, regardless of gender or the crime charged or convicted, the incarcerated should wear pink underwear and socks, black and white striped prison garb, live in tents and be fed cheaper than your pet. Unless they work hard to improve their standard of living not financed by the taxpayer.

A penitentiary or correctional facility should be fully self sufficient and pay for itself, and then some. It is ridiculous the amount of tax money required to run a penal institution, and that money comes out of our pockets. Corrections officers are NOT nearly compensated enough for the risks to life and limb they endure daily. Unless an inmate is willing to take a prison job and support his or herself, to provide for his or her needs, such as; commissary, hot meals, toilet paper, sheets, blankets, electricity, toiletries, pens and paper, etc. Give them the bare minimums for survival and let them worry about what to use to wipe their hiney. I know, that's cruel and unusual punishment. Hogwash!

Convicted incarcerated felons are treated, fed and housed better than our own military fighting forces protecting our nation. Convicts are not required to drop down and do anything, they are not required to sleep on the cold wet ground, in a tent, or wet hole for long periods of time, if at all. They do not go long periods of time without food, water, nor eat cold meals consisting of nasty “C” rations or MRE'S. They are not forced to endure harsh weather conditions for any period of time. Again, that would be considered cruel and unusual punishment according to our black robes. Bull excrement!

One thing all our prisons have in common, all prisoners have more rights than the victims they perpetrated. Violent murderers, pedophiles, rapists, serial killers, gang-bangers, etc., are treated with kid gloves as not to violate their civil rights. Our institutions are the defendant and they have to video all forceful cell extractions and other daily events to prevent civil lawsuits brought on by the inmates. Give me a break, no, give me two or three of them!

Here in Tennessee, the Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDOC) is currently begging for Correctional Officers on radio advertisements. They offer a decent salary and benefit package compared to the general average, but not nearly good enough. It appears they have an extraordinary turn over rate, gee, I wonder why? It's common for correctional staff to get "Gassed" by the inmates. If you don't know what being Gassed is, it's a fermented concoction of feces and urine, that inmates throw into the faces of correctional officers and staff. How dangerous, disgusting and gross is that? Is that it even human? Answer: NO.

Corrections officers frequently get brutally attacked and beaten by the violent inmates, and occasionally some are murdered. Many of the offenders are serving decades behind bars and others life sentences without the possibility of parole. When a violent offender commits these vile and violent acts behind bars on correctional staff, most of the time the only punishment they receive is being placed in administrative segregation (ADSEG) for a few weeks to a few years. They are not normally prosecuted in prison for the felony acts they commit. Reason being, what more can you do to them when they're spending the rest of their life, or most of it behind bars. They need to make a reality game show and call it, "Who Wants to be a Prison Guard?"  

Back on point: Rehabilitation has proven to have such a low success rate, it's not worth the money or effort to continue the experiment. The punishment should be such that, it's so miserable that they will learn from history, and their history will not re-offend and repeat itself.

Those who are convicted of premeditated murder, those perverts that murder, rape and sexually abuse a corpse, those that commit gruesome killings and mutilations… Should be put to a swift death and not necessarily humanely. This 15-30 year periods for the appeals process to run its course before the carrying out of justice is absurd. The standard for this should be 100% certain and proven, or beyond a reasonable doubt. Judges should not be allowed to overrule or lessen the sentences the jury handed down. Violent offenders should NOT be paroled, and a sentence of 35 years means exactly that, thirty-five years, and not a day sooner for good behavior. 

Those bleeding heart state governors who abolished the death penalty in their states, should have talked to the families of these victims first to see what they thought about that compassionate garbage. But the powerful elitists always know what's best for their constituents regardless of the will of the people. Being a "former" thirty-eight year veteran and resident of "The People's Republic of Illinois", I had a good look into the mind of liberal governors. I haven't checked this out,  but I believe Illinois has the honor and distinction of having the most and most consecutive governors convicted and sent to prison?  

Plea bargaining by a prosecutor should not be an option no matter how backed up the court system is. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime should be strictly adhered to. Judges frequently overturn jury recommendations on the death penalty and assign the convicted life in prison. Why have the juries in the first place, if the liberal judges are going to over turn their deliberated recommendations? This also needs to be stopped cold and remedied. 

What about the mentally ill our prisons are full of, the under privileged, those deviants that claim abuse growing up with no daddy at home as a defense, should that be of any consequence to judge, jury and sentencing? Absolutely NOT. Judgement and sentencing should be imposed on the crime itself, and impact of the offense to the victim, the victim's family and society. We are all to be held accountable for our own actions and no excuses of our past histories or abuses.  

So far this is a semi-free country, everyone has the opportunity to improve and better themselves, and everyone knows right from wrong. All citizens, even illegal aliens are “entitled” to a free government public education at taxpayer expense. If these under privileged 'people' didn't start fights, sell drugs, gang-bang, cause disruptions, get kicked out of school or drop out, but applied themselves to bettering their situation and life. Problem solved! The parent(s) should also be liable and legally held accountable for the actions and welfare of their adolescent offspring. 

It's not my financial problem or responsibility as an individual or member of society to have the mentally ill treated, or pay for their expensive medications. It's the responsibility of them, their families and willing charities, I didn't bring them into this world. Why doesn't the pharmaceutical companies and psychiatrists treat these people pro bono? Same reason we can't, we have to make a living and support our own.

By definition: A government that gives you everything you want, will take everything you have to pay for it. The government doesn't produce one bushel of wheat or one barrel of oil, they produce nothing but laws and regulations. The only way they get money is to tax it, borrow it, or print it.

Human versus Animal

Our judicial system and society needs to incorporate a lot more empathy and justice toward the victims, their families and friends, and administer swift appropriate justice. The majority of these violent convicted career felons in our institutions are animals and have no worth to themselves or our society. Why should you and I pay for the cost of failure trying to rehabilitate an animal? Rabid animals need to be treated like rabid animals, dispatched as quickly and cheaply as humanly possible.



What defines and separates a human from an animal? A human is self-aware, has empathy, compassion, concern, the ability to reason, critical thinking, has a soul, and can rationalize. An animal does not possess any of these attributes, much less a rabid human animal. 

Public executions for capital crimes should be restored and broadcast on cable television as a deterrent to would be non-humans and American traitors and terrorists.

So, which category would you ascribe our most violent and sick criminals to? What's the only treatment for a rabid animal? Who would waste their time trying to rehabilitate and treat an animal with rabies? Only a Democrat, liberal and maybe some tree huggers out there.