TEN COMMANDMENTS JUDGE       

                      TEN COMMANDMENTS JUDGE       

Please join me in a social media campaign, to bring attention to President elect Donald Trump, an excellent nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). I refer to the Ten Commandments Alabama Judge Roy Stewart Moore.

President elect Donald Trump will no doubt have the opportunity to appoint at least one, and most likely several United States Supreme Court Judges in his tenure. Based on the age of many of the justices, the majority of the sitting justices could come up for replacement. 

I have not heard a peep or mention of someone that would be an ideal Supreme Court Justice, namely the famous Ten Commandments Judge Roy Moore. In my humble opinion, Judge Moore would be the perfect candidate for appointment to the bench. He is a moral God fearing man who will fight for our national morality and our Constitution. 

If you are not aware of his credentials and history, I invite you to read it at Wikipedia Here.

As a nation, these next Supreme Court appointees are either going to make or break our Constitution and civilized values and morals. As you're aware, SCOTUS justices are appointed for life, so their decisions, right or wrong will affect America for decades, should we exist that as a nation that long.

I'm only one individual that has absolutely no political influence. Writing my representatives probably has little impact, but it's my patriotic duty and responsibility to make my voice heard to government. If you agree with my assessment of Judge Roy Moore, his accomplishments and beliefs, and believe he has the best interests of America and its peoples at heart. Social media draws a lot of attention to politicians and government officials. Please share and circulate this idea on social media, with friends and family and spread the word, 'to make America great again'.