DISASTER ON THE HORIZON

                              DISASTER ON THE HORIZON

Will a national disaster once again strike our country, as it always has in the past? You can bet your bippy on it. Our economy, politicians and morals are already a 'national disaster' here at home and globally. The only variability is when, what, where, how severe and how long will our next catastrophe be.

This American generation has been so blessed and fortunate not to experience a major national or global cataclysm to date, but soon that will change, as history always repeats itself. Are you prepared to survive an extended collapse of our modern system and creature comforts for an extended period of time? Are you prepared to defend your lives, family and property?

National and global disasters that could occur in the near future are far too numerous to mention, but a few of them could be; category five hurricane hitting US, avian flu outbreaks, escalating terrorism, Yellowstone super volcano, tsunami, war, drought, famine, earthquake (San Andreas / New Madrid), pestilence, economic collapse, meteor strike, nuclear power plant radiation leakage, changing global weather patterns, no fossil fuel, electromagnetic pulse (EMP), loss of electrical grid, rioting, widespread storm and tornado damage, food / water contamination, massive solar flare / coronal ejection, etc. etc. Look at what just a minor local avian flu outbreak did to the price of eggs nationally. 

I'm not a statistical analyst,  but I'll bet the odds are extremely high when you combine everything that could happen, what is presently taking place, and how long it's been since it last occurred. We are well overdue for a reality check and judgement from God.

Grocery markets today operate differently today than yesteryear, just in time delivery and computer based ordering and stocking for instance. On average they maintain about a three day inventory without restocking. The grocery store would run bare in hours if there were any disruption to the ordering or distribution system and a panic ensued. Just look at the major staples that rapidly disappear when a major ice/snow storm is coming. When a disaster occurs and the trucks stop rolling, there will be chaos, panic and riots in the streets you wont believe.

                                PILLAGE - PLUNDER - LOOT

                                PILLAGE - PLUNDER - LOOT

It doesn't even take a disaster for low life animals to riot, just look at the former L.A. riots, the Ferguson, Missouri riots, etc. What do you think is going to happen when a bonafide emergency occurs and everything is closed? Woe to the people who live in and around major cities. At best major city dwellers lives are going to have a major interruption. I'll let you imagine the worse case scenario.

When the water tap stops and you can't drink, bathe or flush your toilet, what are you going to do? When the grocery store shelves are bare, what are you going to eat? When the criminals, low life's, gang-banger's and government dependent's come looking for you, to forcibly take what you have, do you have a plan? Are you going to stay and try to defend yourself and family, or are you going to bug out, and bug out to where? Will the streets be passable and what will the conditions be like?  

What if an extended long term national or global emergency occurred and a nation without rule of law (WROL) ensued? Do you think the National Guardsmen, the police and firefighters will sacrifice the safety and well being of their families for long to protect the public? Most people put their priorities of family over a job wouldn't you think? And if there is no law enforcement, do you think FEMA and the Red Cross are going to show up? 

Hi, I'm From The Government and Here To Help

Hurricane Katrina in 2005 gave us a tiny exercise and a glimpse into what to expect in an emergency. The problem is as far as disasters go, it was only regional and look at how inept and incompetent the city of New Orleans, the State of Louisiana and the Federal Government was. Do you recall what one of the first things government did to help the citizens? Instead of applying limited resources where they were desperately needed; controlling the looting, vandalism, robberies, crime and humanitarian assistance. They wasted thousands of man hours going door-to-door to homes implementing illegal gun confiscation of law abiding victim citizens. Thereby rendering them defenseless against the roving hordes of looters, criminals and gang-bangers. This is the warped mentality of the Democrats they elected.

Even with unlimited funds no one can be completely prepared, but you can definitely increase your chances for survival if you will modestly prepare and think ahead. Things will not always be as they have been, tomorrow will not be the same as yesterday.

I have a load of suggestions on how to prepare and the basics of what you will need to just get by. But volumes of material and books have already been written about survival and is not the intent of this blog. If you desire to find out more and join us crackpots known as “preppers”, you can find a ton of information at for starters.

You're Just Being Paranoid

The purpose of this blog is to inform my only subscriber, my Uncle Shirley, if you're going to rely on ole Uncle Sugar or the Red Cross to save your bacon during a local, regional, national or global crisis... Houston we have a problem, so did Katrina, New York, etc. If you're of the opinion, as the vast majority of Americans, that think nothing that bad is ever going to happen in your lifetime, good luck and I hope you're right. 

Look at what just two airplanes did when they struck the twin trade towers! That single event almost caused our economy and Wall Street to crash! I was without debit card and credit card service for over a week. Regions Bank would not let me withdraw more than $100.00 from my account per day. The people stopped spending and borrowing and that came close to doing us in. We are a “debt based” economy and we must continue to borrow and spend for our economy to survive.

A Minor Personal Experience

Not many mango seasons ago living in a subdivision, I experienced a regional electrical power outage lasting about two weeks, due to a states wide line of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes that passed through. It was late July and the daily temperatures rose to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

I thought I was well prepared for such an event with about six months of dehydrated food, a month's worth of refrigerated and frozen food, a water filtration system, three fifty-five gallon food safe water drums, bottled water, an emergency 5,000 watt generator, seven days of gasoline to operate the generator, lantern's, batteries, etc.

During this entire power outage we were under a water boil order, meaning water was not to be consumed without first boiling it. How the electrical power outage affected the quality of the water I have no idea?

Even though this was a regional event and the lights were out only about two weeks, I learned a lot about human nature from my so assumed civilized neighbors and how they can rationalize their thought patterns, behavior and wants. I quickly became the target of those that stayed and toughed it out in that subdivision for their lack of forethought and preparedness.

You would be surprised how quiet a big subdivision becomes (or anywhere for that matter) when there is no electricity, and how dark it gets! I was surprised at how far the only noise around (my 5,000 watt generator) could be heard in the quiet night. And how far the lights could be seen through closed curtains too! That's what put the bulls-eye on our house and alerted everyone to our preparations.

I felt it was my duty and privilege to help out my neighbors supplying them with water, ice, etc. But I only had six ice cube trays to begin with, as we never used much ice, and had to resort to freezing gallon milk containers, two liter plastic bottles and anything I could find to supply them with ice.

After about a week of serving them I was getting tired of all the interruptions at all hours. When I couldn't keep up with or ran out of something, these formal friendly civilized neighbors became down right rude and agitated, that I couldn't supply them with their immediate demands! I was about to go Ebenezer Scrooge on them and shut down my welfare program. Had the electricity been out much longer, I suspect a mob mentality would have ensued and they were entitled to everything I had. 

The Charter cable TV service was out as long as the electricity was out. But having Direct TV satellite service and an emergency generator with DVR, I didn't miss one of my UFC fights or History / Discovery channel programs I like. I found the 5,000 watt generator would consume 5 gallons of gasoline running at 50-75% capacity during a twenty-four hour run time. I greatly reduced gas consumption by running it only when needed.  

On about day four, the local Quick Trip (QT) was the first to get an emergency generator and open up for limited business. It was a mad house, you couldn't drive close to that place because of blocked traffic trying to get in. On my way to work one morning I had to turn back and take an alternate route because Hwy. 157 was blocked with traffic. That evening I was told QT was cash only, that their credit / debit lines were still down. Witnesses told me fights were breaking out there because 'people' were not waiting their turn and cutting in front of lines. The ice, bottled water, gas and staples were selling out at the delivery truck as fast as they could get a delivery.

About day five on a Saturday I decided I wanted to barbecue, maybe just because I could and not heat up the house anymore than it was. We had plenty of everything and decided to invite one of our next door neighbors to join us. That might have been a bad idea, for some reason shortly after I fired up the charcoal grill, I started getting unwanted visitors showing up in my back yard with various pretenses. Without electricity, I'm sure by now most fresh and frozen foods are spoiled, except mine.

Best Laid Plans Go To Waste

As I previously stated above, I thought I had my bases pretty well covered for a short to mid-term emergency. But I made a big time error overlooking the possibility of extreme heat. I had neglected to pick up that small 5,000 BTU window air conditioner for the bedroom to comfortably sleep. As I said, the daily temperatures were in the upper 90's to low 100's. The house was miserable and we had to sleep with fans in the basement, as the basement was a few degrees cooler. I found out that it stayed cooler in the house with the windows staying closed. You bet your bippy I have than window unit now there Uncle Shirley!

On day seven of the power outage the town fire department came around with sirens blaring, stuffing fliers in mailboxes and handing them to the people they seen. The fliers stated in effect, “with the loss of electrical power, the sewage pump stations are not functional, the sewage system is plugged up, stop using your toilets, as sewage explosions are occurring in homes”. Time for me to retire and move to the country with a septic tank system. I don't need this crap! 

Can you imagine how today's entitlement society on the government dole, the hundreds of thousands of gang-banger's and the criminals are going to conduct themselves during an extended emergency. Martial law and suspensions of our rights that will surely occur? Eventually coming door-to-door of law abiding citizens confiscating your only means of protecting yourself, your family and property. Think not? You best educate yourself on past events there Uncle Shirley.

Nothing says "STAY AWAY" better than a 12 gauge pump shotgun loaded with 00 buckshot to keep looters and criminals off your property.